New Hampshire Saltwater Fishing Report 5/3/2018

IMG_0856 (2).JPG

The 2018 striper season is knocking on the door and we are all excited to feel the tug of that first bass.

If you're looking to find quality stripers early this year one of the best places to try is in a school of horny Alewise. This herring species shows up early in the spring to spawn in the fresh water tributaries that feed in to the Great Bay. These fish have already been spotted moving up river and stacking up in front of dam's. As water temperatures rise, it wont be long till hungry stripers can be found ambushing these nutrient rich bait fish as they wait to climb the fish ladders that lead to their spawning grounds further upstream.

The Alewise are fairly large and the Bass that feed on them are usually good size, as well. These stripers will be keyed in on the shape, size, and color of this prey, a very accurate imitation is crucial for success.

My go to lure for this situation is a Live Target, Blueback Herring. This soft plastic is extremely life like in it's appearance and swimming action. Access is often limited in these locations so Its substantial weight helps achieve long casts which will increase your chances of a hook up. For fly fisherman I recommend a large bodied fly like a white Hollow tied Semper Fleye with a blueish grey highlights.

From shore back casts are often restricted due to pine trees or city streets so fishing off a 23' Jones Brothers can really help deliver a fly or lure to the perfect location.

Now is a great time to book a trip with Sea Run Charters, I still have open spots for the spring run, and that 30lb striper you've been dreaming about all winter might be closer than you think